Notice of Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ABN 84 313 582 948)


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS) will be held on Monday, 27 April 2020 at 6:30pm AEST via Zoom Webinar. Details on joining the webinar will be sent to you by email closer to the date.


Business of the AGM

Business of the AGM has been sent to your nominated email address together with some important documents for your review prior to the meeting. You may also login to our website to access all AGM 2020 documents through the Members-Exclusive Area.


Participation and voting at the AGM

In accordance with clause 38 and 39 of the Society Rules:

  1. each member who is entitled to vote has one vote
  2. members may vote personally or by proxy
  3. a special resolution is passed if not less than three quarters of the members voting at a general meeting (whether in person or by proxy) vote in favour of the resolution
  4. if votes are divided equally on a question, the Chairperson of the meeting has a second or casting vote

If you wish to appoint another Member as a proxy, please complete the attached proxy form and return it to the ANZUNS Secretary via email at no later that Friday, 24 April 2020, 4pm AEST.

For questions or concerns, please send an email to the ANZUNS Secretary.