Boston Scientific Nursing Professional Development Diamond Award 2024

Diamond Awards 2024

The ANZUNS Diamond Award is a prestigious recognition within the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS). This honour acknowledges the exceptional dedication, expertise, and commitment demonstrated by a registered nurse in the field of urology. It signifies a commitment to excellence and the pursuit of new knowledge and skills to improve current practice or apply fresh insights to advance urological nursing.

This award holds a unique purpose, offering a registered nurse the opportunity for travel outside Australia and New Zealand to acquire new knowledge and skills. The primary aim is to improve clinical practices by returning with enhanced expertise and share valuable insights with our colleagues, promoting the continual progress of urological nursing in the region.

The ANZUNS Diamond Award embodies the highest standards of urological nursing and a commitment to advancing the field. This award offers 1 x Registered Nurse the opportunity to spend time in a major Urological department to refine their nursing practice in Urology care.

This award includes:

  • $6500 Diamond Award payable to the recipient
  • 2024 Gala dinner ticket
  • Additional funding to be retained by ANZUNS to cover the costs of recipient attending the ANZUNS 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting to present a paper on how the award was utilised.

All complete applications will be considered, and the successful applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • A Registered Nurse practising in Australia or New Zealand
  • Minimum employment of 20 hours per week or at the discretion of the ANZUNS committee, considering the position held by the applicant and the educational opportunity for which the award application has been made.
  • Nurses who apply must have a minimum of three years post registration experience
  • An active member of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS)
  • Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to Urology nursing
  • Has not received an Emerald or Diamond Award in the last 2 years. Additionally, the successful recipient is eligible to receive the Diamond Award once only.
  • Complete and submit an online application by midnight of 19 January 2024

Applications should include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A detailed proposal (including a proposed schedule and budget) of how the Diamond Professional Development award will be utilised and how the award will benefit practice. It should also address how knowledge from the Award will be disseminated to ANZUNS colleagues. 
  • Proposal must include a proposed schedule, budget and proposed contact details of host sites.
  • A declaration of any real or perceived conflicts of interest in relation to receiving this award or the proposed use of this award

Conditions of the Nursing Professional Development Diamond Award 2024

  • The Award must be executed by 7 February 2025. This includes completion of all travel and / or conference attendance.
  • By receiving this Award, the recipient acknowledges and agrees to return to the 2025 ANZUNS ASM to present a paper on how the Award was utilised.
  • A formal panel will make the final decision on the successful applicant.  The panel will be comprised of the ANZUNS President and two representatives of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS) committee
  • The Award Sponsors will be notified of the successful applicant and may choose to contact the recipient for marketing purposes
  • The recipient will be required to complete and submit a report detailing how the Award was utilised to the ANZUNS President no later than 2 weeks prior to the 2025 Annual General Meeting.
  • The report will be tabled at the 2025 Annual General Meeting and will be disseminated to all ANZUNS members via the ANZUNS Newsletter and to the Award Sponsor
  • The report should identify how the award has helped benefit practice, outcomes obtained for improved practice and how the knowledge obtained has been disseminated to colleagues
  • The winner will be announced at the ANZUNS 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting
  • This Award is NOT to be used for the payment of study/courses
  • Award entitlements and conditions may change without prior notice.