the group shall be known as the Urology Oncology Nurses Special Interest Group


The initial objectives of the special interest group are to:

  • Develop clinical practice guidelines for urology nurses working in the field of cancer care.
  • Develop educational resources for patients and urology nurses
  • Establish a communication forum for nurses working in cancer care
  • Encourage the use of research based approaches in the delivery of patient care

These resources shall be readily accessible, efficiently provided and evidence based and be developed in consultation with other key service providers where appropriate.  Consideration will be given to a range of approaches to ensure services are equitable and accessible to all interested parties.


The Urology Oncology Nurses Special Interest Group will bring to urology nursing practice:

  • Improved quality and safety of service through the sharing of good practice, and through the systematic application of clinical standards, guidelines and protocols.
  • An increased level of clinical leadership and involvement in the development and planning of clinical practice guidelines and educational resource.
  • A reduction in professional isolation and competition through a partnership approach to service delivery.
  • Focus on the continuum of care from disease prevention, acute and chronic disease management in both hospital and community-based care.
  • More sustainable services through the sharing of resources and through a more proactive response to the implementation of new practices
  • Ongoing development and continuous improvement of future nursing care.


The group is a special interest group which is accountable to the executive of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society Incorporated.  Any developments by the group will be approved by the ANZUNS executive prior to implementation and must comply with the model rules and strategic plans of ANZUNS.

This process will be via the group chairperson in liaison with the ANZUNS President.


The Urology Oncology Nurses Special Interest Group will deliver high quality cancer nursing initiatives through:

  • Planning and priority setting
    • Clinical practice recommendations
    • Provision of educational resource and discussion forums
    • Partnerships
    • Consumer development
    • Performance Reporting
    • Quarterly report and as appropriate to the ANZUNS executive on the activities and progress of the group.
    • Regular inclusions in the ANZUNS quarterly newsletters
    • Designated page on the ANZUNS website


The Chairperson will be elected by the group for a period of two years with extension beyond this time at the discretion of the ANZUNS executive.  The primary role of the Chairman is to lead the direction of the Urology Oncology Nurses Special Interest Group. A Deputy Chairman will be appointed in the case that the chairman is not available.


Membership of the Urology Oncology Nurses Special Interest Group will be granted to urology nurses who are current financial members of ANZUNS.

Membership is individual and not as an organisational representative. Members may not substitute a proxy for their attendance at any meetings or to respond to communications.

Members accept responsibility to obtain endorsement from their individual employing organisation prior to use of any materials produced by the group.

Individual members will adhere to the following:

  • Feedback and/or review of documentation responses are to be provided within requested timeframes.
  • If a declaration of conflict of interest is required (competing professional or personal interest such as services that can only be provided by a member), the member will on advice of the Chairman either refrain from voting/participation in consensus decision making or retire from the room / discussion forum at that point.
  • Members shall respect the confidentiality of the groups business where this requirement is conferred by the Chairman.
  • Members’ communication of group business within the public arena should be coordinated with and authorised by the Chairman and ANZUNS President prior to publication.
  • Members have a responsibility to canvas views and provide feedback as appropriate to their role and as directed by the group
  • The group, through or at the direction of the Chairman, is able to co-opt/seek expert advice on a needs basis.



Meeting frequency is at the discretion of the group, with an annual meeting in conjunction with the ANZUNS state conference. Recognising the geographical challenges of the group, it is anticipated that communications with be via email discussion in the first instance.

Resolution of dissenting issues shall be achieved by a vote of members present and the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


50% of the members constitute a quorum either for decision response to email votes or meeting attendance.

Agenda for scheduled meetings

Standing agenda items will include:

      • Minutes of last meeting
      • Apologies
      • Review of action items
      • General business
      • Date and location of next meeting


The SIG Secretariat will issue agendas and supporting material at least seven days in advance and prepare minutes from each meeting.

The SIG Secretariat will keep separate files of at least the following:

  1. Agendas, minutes and papers circulated with them
  2. Correspondence, papers tabled at meetings and papers circulated other than with agendas.

These files are the property of ANZUNS.


These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually by the group and any changes will be approved as described above. Membership of the group will be reviewed annually in concert with the Terms of Reference.

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