ANZUNS 2023 ASM Award Recipients

At the USANZ & ANZUNS 2023 ASM in Melbourne, the following Members were recognised with these honours:

ANZUNS Diamond Award 2023

Awarded to Jenni Milton.

Congratulations, Jenni!

ANZUNS Emerald Award 2023

Awarded to Melissa Caruso, Samantha Mooy, and Marinelle Doctor.

Congratulations, Melissa, Samantha and Marinelle!

ANZUNS Best Paper Award 2023

“Advocacy in health care - How questioning an SA Heath policy directive lead to improved patient care in men with erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment.”

Awarded to Kerry Santoro.

Congratulations, Kerry!

ANZUNS Best New Presenter Award 2023

Awarded to Lauren Chandler.

Congratulations, Lauren!