Special Interest Groups

Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society Ltd

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


The ANZUNS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide platforms for urological nurses with special interest or expertise in specific urological issues to foster collaboration, promote best practices, and enhance patient care within the specific field. The SIGs are supportive and inclusive communities that encourage ongoing education, research, and innovation in a urological nursing subspecialty.

The SIGs support the ANZUNS Board by providing advice on guidelines, lectures, speakers, enquiries from members, and write articles in ANZUNS publications, among others.

Nurse Practitioners Special Interest Group

Nurse Practitioners

The primary objective of this network is to provide a platform for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) working in the field of urology to come together, share experiences, discuss the unique challenges and scope of our role, and collaborate on addressing common issues. By creating a supportive environment for NPs, we can engage in valuable discussions about patient management, workflow optimization, negotiation strategies with employers, and other relevant topics. Through these interactions, we can enhance the quality of care we provide and reach our peak performance as NPs.

Sexual Health Special Interest Group


The Sexual health Special interest group is a meeting place for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses with a special interest in sexual health/sexual function. We aim to share knowledge, troubleshoot difficult patient presentations, and review current evidence to ensure the best possible care provided for our patients nationwide. We recognise the importance of peer learning and debriefing, particularly in such a challenging and personal field, as such we ask nurses newly introduced to sexual health to have a mentor prior to joining the SIG.

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