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There are 4 professional development scholarships to the value of $650 for early bird nursing registration to ANZUNS Annual Scientific Meeting 2023.

This scholarship offers Registered/Enrolled Nurses who belongs to the NSW-ACT Section the opportunity to attend the 2023 USANZ/ANZUNS ASM in Melbourne 25-28 Feb 2023

3 professional development scholarships are available for South Australian Section members to the value of $2000 to attend the 2023 USANZ & ANZUNS ASM in Melbourne from 25 - 28 February 2023.

What a year it has been for NSW-ACT Section. This articles summarises NSW-ACT Section's activities in 2022.

At the start of 2022 we were SAUNS, South Australian Urological Nurses Society. At the end of 2022 we are still the same group but with a new title of The South Australian Section of ANZUNS. Our state group was united in deciding that a move to merge with all states as one national body was a strong strategic move.

Discover practical strategies to support people living with dementia and incontinence in their daily routines and personal care.

Australian Prostate Centre, North Melbourne, is a not for profit clinic established to 
provide holistic care for men with prostate cancer, as well as offering full 
outpatient services for most urological disorders. 
Thanks to Ipsen we are able to offer several short term (5 days) clinical placements 
for nurses who would like to come to APC to observe the clinical activities to develop ...

Many people living with dementia experience difficulties with bladder and/or bowel functions and control. Continence issues significantly impact the quality of life for the person and their carer. This free online course aims to provide family carers and professional carers with the knowledge, skills and resources to cope with the physical and psychosocial aspects of assisting with toileting ...

Delphi study of expert urology nurse practitioners in Australia and New Zealand to define the Urology Nurse Practitioner role.

NZUNS is offering an Education Grant to a NZ Registered Nurse to the value of $1,000.00.
Applications are now open and close Friday, 16th September 2022.