Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Members of the Australia and New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS) will be held on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 7pm AEDT via online meeting platform.

Login with your ANZUNS Account to find the access link to join the meeting.


General Information
ANZUNS has been considering the operational efficiency of its local societies, with a plan to reduce the burden on volunteers and improve members' experience through a centralised operating model.

During the EGM, members will be given the opportunity to consider, and if thought fit, pass two Special Resolutions. If you have any questions ahead of the EGM, please send an email to the ANZUNS Secretary, Melissa Caruso, at, as voting will proceed immediately after the meeting starts on the 15th of December 2021.


Business of the Extraordinary General Meeting Dec 2021
The following business will be conducted at the EGM:

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Resolution 1 (Special Resolution): "That ANZUNS converts its legal structure from an incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee, registered with ASIC, to enable the society to carry out its activities anywhere in Australia.
  3. Resolution 2 (Special Resolution): "That ANZUNS adopts the attached new constitution, to take effect, once the organisation is registered under ASIC."
  4. Meeting close


Attached Documents

Please login with your ANZUNS Account to access the following documents:

  1. New ANZUNS Constitution
  2. Proxy form


Participation and Voting
In accordance with clause 38 and 39 of the Rules:

  1. each member who is entitled to vote has one vote
  2. members may vote personally or by proxy
  3. the proposed new ANZUNS Constitution is accessible through the members-exclusive section of the website

If you wish to appoint another Member as a proxy, please complete the attached proxy form and return it to the ANZUNS Secretary, Melissa Caruso, via email at no later than Tuesday, 14 December  2021, 5pm AEDT.

For questions or concerns, please send an email to Melissa Caruso or through the ANZUNS website's Contact Us page.